Training on Entrepreneurship development

JTC & Company
Training on Entrepreneurship development

Training on how to Achieve Entrepreneurship mindset before you retire from service

The above named company wishes to bring to the public notice on the above topic.
Entrepreneurship mindset is one of the missing links in our educational system.
You will greatly benefit from this training.

Conditions of the training
The training will last for three hours
Ø  Pay the sum of #50,000 to the account of the company, one week before the day of training= J.T.C & COMPANY, 1005281573 KEYSTONE BANK.
Ø  One training material #1000 to be paid after the training.
Ø  One book = #1,500 Entrepreneurship Educational and business you can start without money to be collected after the training.
Dr. A.N. Chukwuankwu
Director, JTC & Company

08054135222, 07069094713, 07065935873, 08036996869.  


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